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    • by neotECH
    • January 26, 2015
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    Easy Product Management from Anywhere

    Complete control over the product management allows you to add, edit and close products as you wish. Product image, storage location, stock levels and pricing can all be set from the same simple menu. Also take advantage of pricing options to set scheduled pricing changes or discounts as needed.

    Unlimited Products

    Create any amount of products, departments or product groups required to run your business. Create and sell unlimited amounts of products as required.


    Create products as components of other product to help manage stock quantity levels and sales.


    Use variants such as size, colour, etc. to help refine your reports and give you better control over your products.

    Bulk Import and Export

    When receiving stock from a supplier simply import the stock into Amicus using a csv file to manage stock adjustments with ease. Also use the product import template to import your products when opening a new store.


    Simple barcode creation whilst adding a product.

    Take advantage of the inbuilt label printing tools to print product and shelf labels, complete with barcode.