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  • Payments
    • by neotECH
    • January 26, 2015
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    Fast Cash, Fast Payments

    For small sales of less than $100 Amicus allows you to finalise the sale in only one action. Just select the amount provided by the customer to finalise the sale.

    Card Payments

    Simple and quick card payment with integrated EFTPOS reduces user errors and maximises efficiency.

    Split Payments

    Mix and match payment options to allow customers to pay with the method of their choice, for example, cash and card, card and card or account and card.

    Account Sales

    Utilise the Customer Account system to keep track of your customer’s purchases. Print and email invoices to your customers straight from Amicus.

    Part Payments and Lay-Bys

    Create lay-bys and accept any amount as payments as many times as necessary to complete the lay-by.