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    • by neotECH
    • January 26, 2015
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    Quick Sales

    The Amicus system provides you with a wide range of payment options. Each of which allows you to finalise a sale with just two clicks. For smaller sales of less than $100, Amicus allows you to finalise the sale in one action. Just select the amount provided by the customer to finalise the sale.


    Offer discounts to customers using the pre-set 5% and 10% discount buttons or use the ‘Apply Discount’ button to choose how much of a discount to apply for selected products.

    Order Notes

    Use the notes system to keep track of any special requests by customers when placing an order.


    Create and record a customer’s details, including delivery address and contact number, whilst taking an order. Store customer details and delivery addresses to save time when placing future orders.

    Custom Payment Types

    Create and manage custom payment types such as chequs, account and cards to increase your customer’s payment options.